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  1. Marketing


    Every Second Counts

    music and marketing

    We believe music makes a difference in marketing and every moment matters. Music inspires the right frame of mind and the right sounds at the right time can make an impact on the bottom line.

    At ESC we look for ways to keep the experience fresh for loyal customers and engaging for new ones. From playlists to parties, ESC adds the sound to the sensations. From top real estate developments, art galleries, fashion and media brands, ESC has the passion and experience to make a difference.

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  2. Stoli Spotlight Boston


    Stoli Spotlight on Boston’s Pioneers:
    Energy drives a city.

    Stolichnaya Premium Vodka pays tribute to a group of pioneers who are shaping Beantown. Meet five of Boston’s most Kinetic Innovators that are re-imagining the city through design, entertainment, and photography.

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  3. Boston Common Magazine


    Boston Common Magazine Men’s Issue

    Fall 2012: ”Record Time” – Article written by legendary Boston music writer, Jim Sullivan, covers DJ MARIO, early influences, current projects – including Every Second Counts (ESC): Music and Design – and future endeavors. Check it out!

  4. Weddings


    The Main Event

    Our mission has been to introduce the world to a new breed of wedding DJ. We recognize that for too long, good people like yourselves have had to withstand the sounds of men with names such as Sammy Smooth or Disco Dan – who’s outdated playlists have left you and your nearest and dearest feeling underwhelmed after a day of such joyous magnitude. We believe that everyone at a wedding deserves a better party experience and with our extensive knowledge gained from DJing and throwing events on the biggest stages throughout Boston and beyond, we have taken it upon ourselves to give you what you deserve on your most special of days. We LOVE what we do and have great fun doing it, but above all, we simply want to make you dance!

Club Schedule

APR 29 New City Gas – Montreal
APR 26 FSB 30th – Four Seasons Hotel
APR 18 ESC Live Music – Saks Boston
APR 17 ESC Live Music – Saks Boston

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