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Brave = To Challenge, Dare

In the current landscape of marketing, how can you challenge the status quo when it changes daily? How can your brand evolve without having to re-invent it? Simple: by telling your story and finding the right audience for that story.

Based in Minneapolis, Brave New Media is a content development & management company founded by Craig Baillie and Damian Petrou in 1998. Rooted in design & video and around since the inception of the internet, Brave New Media works with local, national and international companies in creating compelling stories that support their brands in all digital media. What’s your brand’s story?

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SEP 02 Wedding Event – ICA Boston
AUG 12 Prouts Neck Yacht Club
AUG 10 Ritto – Empire Boston
JUL 20 Improper Bostonian’s Boston’s Best

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