ESC - Every Second Counts

Man With A Megaphone

I will begin as a loud voice
In the background.
Powerfully, emphatically, profusely,
Emphasizing our opinion.
Speeches stand well for power.
Syllables related to devour.
And still, it remains, untrained,
Persistently being drowned
Out by the environment.
Sequential cries for unity sound.

You campaign at large
For a bountiful position,
As you always perceive your works as
Mere pages in a journal of our world.
And it persists.
We need unity.

Persistent consciousness
Brings truth to light.
At each interval of
Permission to stand on the corner and cry,
We will voice our opinion,
Muffled by a bad bass line.
Larger space means more air
For the sounds to swim.
We NEED unity.

I’ll start again.
Tuesday, November 6th
Don’t forget to vote.
Man with a megaphone.
We are all relevant to each other.

Do I have to say why?
All right.

We are presented with the
Mistakes of our lives
And we are presented with
All that we need in our lives.
Like, shit we know we can handle
Is right in front of us.

For every why,
There exists intention.
Which gives us answers to
Whatever question we put out there.
They’re all there.

Confirmation of inconsequential
Coincidences reveals truth.
Rally support.

I grow daily in the physical
Understandings of the world.
Maintaining a consistent way to
Articulate the right adjective that
Describes its architecture is
Repetitive form.
Like riding a bike.

When was the last time that you
Considered an occurrence of the world
As the only guide that you would
Ever need to operate in this world?
It’s yours and not their presentation of it.
I’ll loose myself in the rhythm it provides,
Watch, and jump out of the way if necessary.

A view of the landscape of
My life recognizes
Proper intentional people,
Who illustrate
Humbling effects of reality.
We are all relevant to each other.
They show us that our journey
Pulsates on the rhythms of the environment.

Talk about the truth in your heart.
Proceed with good intention.

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SEP 02 Wedding Event – ICA Boston
AUG 12 Prouts Neck Yacht Club
AUG 10 Ritto – Empire Boston
JUL 20 Improper Bostonian’s Boston’s Best

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