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Tabitha Simmon – Saks 5th Avenue Boston

British shoe designer, Tabitha Simmons, stepped into Saks 5th Avenue, Boston, to mingle with her fans, autograph stilettos, and talk shoes. In order to prepare her music, I immersed myself in the narrative of her brand. A trip to her website,, shows a gorgeous model with a blown out afro who is playing a full drum set in Simmon’s signature heels. It screamed rock n roll, sexy, and British – so I made my selections accordingly. The result was a tribute to some of the greatest band from across the pond – sorry it was only a two hour set. The complete list of songs is a few pints long, but I covered the “The” bands like Beatles, Animals, Zombies, Rolling Stones, Who, Smiths, Specials, Clash, Kinks, Cure. You get the idea. Keep your eyes peeled for the complete recording on Soundcloud!

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June 22 Ritto – Empire Boston
June 17 Wedding Event – Four Seasons Hotel
June 15 Awards – Black Falcon Terminal
June 15 The Good Party – Goodwill Boston

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